EU ETS Advisory


EU ETS Background

We provide operators with a comprehensive ​understanding of EU ETS policy and the carbon market, including what drives allowance prices

Compliance Review

We can analyse your future compliance costs based on forecast emissions and EU Allowance prices. Once we have a clear picture of your requirements we can help develop an appropriate trading strategy.


We host tailored workshops to help staff keep up to date with EU ETS policy, identify future compliance costs and understand trading.

Carbon Trading


Carbon Market

We help firms understand and access the EU carbon market to purchase EU Allowances (EUAs) for compliance, sell surplus EUAs or take advantage of the CER-EUA exchange.

Market Insights

We provide clients with updates of market developments and carbon prices. Sign up to our monthly Carbon Report below.


We help set up and arrange trades of EUAs and/or CERs. Our aim is to make the trading process as simple and time effective as possible leaving you to concentrate on your business.​




We will help you identify and evaluate renewable and energy efficiency projects as a way of reducing electricity bill costs and promoting clean investment.​​


Perform a quick desktop assessment and if an opportunity emerges, carry out a dedicated site assessment to evaluate the full project potential.


Through partnerships with specialist service providers, we can fund, install and maintain projects through an innovative PPA contract.